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Business Consulting

warehousing services copmany in Canada

Guidance on selecting of best supplier for your product

Today we have multiple options of suppliers, but we can’t trust all of them. We need some research and reviews to rely on. We can guide you to find the best suppliers for your product and do all the quality checks before we come up with the list that you can chose from.

International Product Sourcing

Every market brings its challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Having an expert in international trade and procurement will save you from many pitfalls and save you time and expense on the learning curve. You will also be able to plan your go-to-market strategies and budgets better; and launch you products with the confidence of having many years of experience behind you.

Marketing & PR Best Practices (Services via 3rd Party Agencies)

While we manage the procurement and supply chain, it  crucial to establish an outside marketing strategy to drive consumers to buy your products. PR Press Releases and Advertorials are also essentials to keep your brand at the forefront.

Regulatory Compliance (Services via 3rd Party Agencies)

Each country has its own sets of regulations and legal requirements. Ensuring proper regulatory filings and safety assessments in the country where the product is sold will go a long way in protecting from damage to your brand’s image for non-compliance and ligation from consumer advocates and government agencies.