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Top 10 freight forwarding services in USA

Private Brands

Private Brand Product Development Service

We bring your ideas to life! The upwards trajectory of Private Label Brands
has been phenomenal in the last five years due to the higher quality of the
products, attractive packaging, and more trust in the retailers selling it. We
understand market trends and have substantial expertise from concept
ideation, packaging design, R&D, testing, manufacturing, and staggered
deliveries. Our creative services and packaging options are typically larger
than what’s available on any manufacturers shelf!

International Sourcing and Buying Agent Service

A fixed fee white glove service off manufacturers invoice cost. Leverage our
expertise in sourcing and manufacturing and take advantage of our
distribution network! We will manage all communication and steps including
price negotiations, production schedules, inspections, testing, compliance,
importation logistics, customs and etc. We also provide full transparency of
the entire process and keep you in the loop. This is not only good for learning the ropes of the process, but also a cost-effective way to buy for promotions and seasonal end caps; and scoring high gross profits!

Trade Show Buyer Service

Unfortunately, many buyers return from trade shows without completing any deals mostly due to the unpreparedness and lack of understanding of a
buyer’s needs on the exhibitor’s part. Similar to Buying Agent Service but this service begins at trade shows. Our experts will accompany you to walk the floor and sit in your appointments at any trade show with a local language guide. For products in which you have high interest in buying, we will do the follow-ups and the due diligence to bring the product to your stores quickly. With the large amount of possibilities and opportunities at trade shows, this gives you a team of professionals to support you and make sure the trip is a productive one. This will help you in bringing newness and innovations to your market faster without missing a beat!

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