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Top 10 freight forwarding services in USA

Value Added Services

Kitting / Bundle Packaging Service

When you have a product and packaging made at different places and need a common place to assemble the final product, or when you have multiple parts
that need to be made into a kit, we can do it all for you. Sometimes it could be a simple price sticker that needs to be applied, or the case packs need to be changed. We take care of it.

Value Packs / Gift Sets Assembly Service

Shrink-wrapping 2 products into a value pack or simply re-packing open stock products into a different format to accelerate sales and increase customer engagement. You can also save on freight charges by assembling seasonal gift sets closer to your distribution network.

Product Rework Services – Barcoding, Re- Packaging, Returns Management, Reverse Logistics

Different retailers have different needs. Need new product barcode labels or case barcode labels? Need to repack your master cases to smaller boxes? Have customer returns or damaged products that need to picked up andreturned?

Cross Dock & Surge Warehousing Services

Seasonal build up? Need extra space for the storage of seasonal shipments close to your retail networks? Need to cross-dock ocean, rail, or road shipments?

Quality Control

Unsure if the manufacturer placed a barcode label on all items? We can open all boxes and check individually for you. Uncertain if the manufacturer cut out excess shrink-wrap plastic from your packaging, which will make it look visibly bad and might be rejected by the retailer? We can conduct a Quality Control check if others have missed it.

Importation & Logistics

Do not have a customs broker or a Logistics provider with deep discounts?We can assist and guide you through the process and save you money.